How It Works

Your team of eight runners will be split into two groups, each with their own van. After the runners in Van 1 complete the first four legs of the race, Van 2 and its runners will take over to complete legs 5-8, and runners in Van 1 will be able to rest and/or visit the sites along the trail.

The same process will repeat itself beginning with leg 9 and again with leg 17.

So that every team finishes around the same time, we will employ a delayed start. This means that slower teams will start earlier on Friday (as early as 6:00 a.m.), while faster teams will start a bit later (possibly as late as 1:00 p.m.). We’ll reach out to each team with its specific start time in the week leading up to the race. If your team runs significantly faster than its projected pace, it is possible the team will be held at an exchange until race management is prepared for them to continue.

Individual relay legs have not yet been finalized and are subject to change.

Full Course Breakdown

Leg # Description Leg Distance
1 Cumberland to Helmstetter’s Curve 5.14 mi
2 Helmstetter’s Curve to Woodcock Hollow 5.35 mi
3 Woodcock Hollow to Frostburg 6.98 mi
4 Frostburg to Deal 9.23 mi
5 Deal to Meyersdale 7.29 mi
6 Meyersdale to Garret 4.64 mi
7 Garrett to Rockwood 7.33 mi
8 Rockwood to Markelton 6.13 mi
9 Markelton to Confluence 9.02 mi
10 Confluence to Ramcat 4.29 mi
11 Ramcat to Ohiopyle 8.48 mi
12 Ohiopyle to Bruner Run 6.12 mi
13 Bruner Run to Connellsville 11.5 mi
14 Connellsville to Dawson 5.6 mi
15 Dawson to Whitsett 9.54 mi
16 Whitset to Smithton 4.18 mi
17 Smithton to Cedar Creek (end w/ loop) 4.63 mi
18 Ceder Creek to West Newton (begin w/ loop) 5.77 mi
19 West Newton to Buena Vista 6.69 mi
20 Buena Vista to Boston 7.35 mi
21 Boston Loop 6.21 mi
22 Boston to Duquesne 7.03 mi
23 Duquesne to Sandcastle 6.9 mi
24 Sandcastle to Southside (Finish) 3.2 mi

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