Introducing the 2018 GAP Trail Relay

The new Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) Trail Relay, Presented by UPMC Health Plan, is a two day event that will challenge relay teams of eight runners to tackle 24 legs of varying distances on the 150-mile Greater Allegheny Passage trail from Cumberland, Maryland to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The race is the first of its kind for western Pennsylvania and will provide an opportunity for runners to experience the trail in a unique way.

GAP Relay 2018

GAP Trail

P3R (Pittsburgh Three Rivers Marathon) and the Allegheny Trail Association (ATA) and its member groups have joined forces for the inaugural GAP Trail Relay – October 12-13, 2018.  If you’ve ever wanted to run the Great Allegheny Passage from beginning to end, this is the race for you! Gather your friends, family and co-workers together and get ready to take the ultimate relay challenge – on foot!

The two-day event will challenge teams of 8 to begin the relay in Cumberland, Maryland on Friday, October 12 and cross the finish line in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Saturday, October 13 before enjoying the post-race party at South Shore Riverfront Park.

Each relay team member will receive a commemorative medal, commemorative shirt featuring custom artwork and swag bag including the trail’s official TrailGuide guidebook. 

Race Details

Online Registration is now open.


Because the race will traverse almost the entire length of the 150-mile multiple use rail-trail system, P3R will work closely with many of the ATA organizations in southwestern Pennsylvania and western Maryland:

Event Outline

Teams of runners leap-frog each other as they run the along the Great Allegheny Passage from Cumberland, MD to Pittsburgh, PA.  

  • Start Friday, October 12 (Cumberland, MD)
  • Teams will be divided into two groups traveling in separate vans
  • Each participant will run three legs of varying distances (see below for leg distances)
  • Finish Saturday, October 13 (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Post-Race Party at South Shore Riverfront Park

Individual relay leg time limits have not yet been finalized and may change the overall time allowed for completion of the relay.

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Team Information

Competitors will be able to form teams of up to 8 to complete the 24-leg journey. We also offer a 4-Person ULTRA Team allowing our most daring competitors to turn up the difficulty on their journey.

You can also register as a “4-Pack” and we’ll pair you up with another 4-Pack for the relay.

Team Pricing

8-Person Team | 3 Legs per Person| $900
4-Person ULTRA Team | 6 Legs per Person | $600
4-Pack | 3 Legs per Person | $500

Leg Information

Individual relay legs have not yet been finalized and are subject to change.

Full Course Breakdown

Leg # Description Leg Distance
1 Cumberland to Helmstetter’s Curve 5.14 mi
2 Helmstetter’s Curve to Woodcock Hollow 5.35 mi
3 Woodcock Hollow to Frostburg 6.98 mi
4 Frostburg to Deal 9.23 mi
5 Deal to Meyersdale 7.29 mi
6 Meyersdale to Garret 4.64 mi
7 Garrett to Rockwood 7.33 mi
8 Rockwood to Markelton 6.13 mi
9 Markelton to Confluence 9.02 mi
10 Confluence to Ramcat 4.29 mi
11 Ramcat to Ohiopyle 8.48 mi
12 Ohiopyle to Bruner Run 6.12 mi
13 Bruner Run to Connellsville 11.5 mi
14 Connellsville to Dawson 5.6 mi
15 Dawson to Whitsett 9.54 mi
16 Whitset to Smithton 4.18 mi
17 Smithton to Cedar Creek (end w/ loop) 4.63 mi
18 Ceder Creek to West Newton (begin w/ loop) 5.77 mi
19 West Newton Buena Vista 6.69 mi
20 Buena Vista to Boston 7.35 mi
21 Boston Loop 6.21 mi
22 Boston to Duquesne 7.03 mi
23 Duquesne to Sandcastle 6.9 mi
24 Sandcastle to Southside (Finish) 3.2 mi

8-Person (and 4-Pack) Leg Distribution

Runner 1 Runner 2 Runner 3 Runner 4 Runner 5 Runner 6 Runner 7 Runner 8
1st Leg 5.14 mi 5.35 mi 6.98 mi 9.23 mi 7.29 mi 4.64 mi 7.33 mi 6.13 mi
2nd Leg 9.02 mi 4.29 mi 8.48 mi 6.12 mi 11.5 mi 5.6 mi 9.54 mi 4.18 mi
3rd Leg 4.63 mi 5.77 mi 6.69 mi 7.35 mi 6.21 mi 7.03 mi 6.9 mi 3.2 mi
Total Miles 18.79 mi 15.41 mi 22.15 mi 22.7 mi 25 mi 17.27 mi 23.77 mi 13.51 mi

4-Person Ultra Leg Distribution

Runner 1 Runner 2 Runner 3 Runner 4
1st Leg 5.14 mi 5.35 mi 6.98 mi 9.23 mi
2nd Leg 7.29 mi 4.64 mi 7.33 mi 6.13 mi
3rd Leg 9.02 mi 4.29 mi 8.48 mi 6.12 mi
4th Leg 11.5 mi 5.6 mi 9.54 mi 4.18 mi
5th Leg 4.63 mi 5.77 mi 6.69 mi 7.35 mi
6th Leg 6.21 mi 7.03 mi 6.9 mi 3.2 mi
Total Miles 43.79 mi 32.68 mi 45.92 mi 36.21 mi


Partnership Information

The GAP Relay 2018 is brought to you in conjunction with:

UPMC Health PlanUPMC Health Plan Purple

Allegheny Trail Alliance

P3R (Pittsburgh Three Rivers Marathon)

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